Empowering Iowans

Second Amendment Freedoms: House Republicans have consistently championed efforts to strengthen and protect the Second Amendment rights of Iowans. However, Iowa is one of only six states that does not include Second Amendment protections in its state constitution.  It is long overdue that Iowa joins these other states which is why House Republicans began the amendment process to enshrine this individual, fundamental right in Iowa’s Constitution with simple language that is easy to understand.

Campus Free Speech: College is a time where people should be encouraged to think critically and are free to explore new ideas and perspectives. Unfortunately, our college campuses are often a place where differing or unpopular opinions are silenced by hostile administrators. House Republicans made it a priority to ensure free speech on Iowa’s campuses by requiring public colleges and universities to adopt new policies that ensure all student’s voices are heard and individuals are free to express themselves.

Strengthening Iowa’s Judicial Selection Process: House Republicans also brought more transparency, fairness, and accountability to Iowa’s judicial selection process. These reforms give everyday Iowans a larger voice in and removes any sort of perceived undue influence in our process. These changes strengthen and preserve Iowa’s merit-based selection process and continues to keep attorneys as an important part of the process. This will ensure that the most qualified people become judges while also providing more accountability and transparency to Iowans.

Felon Voting Rights: One of the major priorities for Governor Reynolds this session was the restoration of voting rights for felons convicted of non-violent offenses that have completed their sentences. This is about giving Iowans who made a mistake and have paid their debt to society a second chance. The Iowa House overwhelmingly approved this constitutional amendment on a bipartisan basis with the intention of working on additional measures over the interim to further clarify the discharge of a sentence.


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