Final Action of the 2016 Legislative Session Concludes

The final action of the 2016 legislative session took place on Friday, May 27, with Governor Branstad signing the last batch of bills into law.

The governor signed all spending provisions in the 2016 budget as passed by the legislature. The budget enacted into law is once again balanced. House Republicans have always made it a top priority to craft the state budget using common sense budgeting principles of not spending more than we take in and not using one-time money for ongoing needs. These budgeting practices have provided certainty to Iowans by preventing across-the-board cuts and tax hikes.

I am proud of our caucus for working diligently on behalf of the taxpayers of Iowa to craft a fiscally sound budget that meets the priority needs of Iowans.

In addition to the appropriations in these various budget bills, the governor also signed into law a number of policy items. Some highlights:

HF 2460 – Medicaid Oversight 
With the transition to Medicaid Modernization, House Republicans have worked diligently with the Senate to come up with a bipartisan comprehensive oversight plan to protect consumers, add accountability measures, and ensure patients are receiving the high quality health care that the state provides.

HF 493 – Right of Assistance
Aimed at protecting victims of domestic abuse by ensuring residents, tenants, and landlords can call for emergency assistance without facing penalties from government entities. Owners and landlords are also prohibited from restricting a resident’s right to summon law enforcement in an emergency.

HF 2412 – Early Literacy Initiative Clarification
Provides clarification that parents should be notified regularly on their student’s progress and that reading proficiency determining retention at the end of 3rd grade is not based on a single test score.

HF 2459 – Independent Accreditation Sunset
Eliminates the sunset date on independent accreditation of private schools. This will make permanent the freedom to educate our children based on standards that best match the education being delivered.

For a complete list of the bills signed into law and the line-item vetoes, click here.

Now that session has ended and summertime is just around the corner, I look forward to getting out into each neighborhood to knock on doors, meet constituents, and hear about the issues important to you. As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


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