FY 2015 Budget Progress

Progress continues to be made regarding the Fiscal Year 2015 state budget.  House Republicans and Senate Democrats reached agreement earlier this month on an overall general fund budget spending amount. Next year’s general fund budget will spend $6.9718 billion. 

This overall budget target adheres to House Republican’s core budget principle of spending less than the state collects in revenue.  This number represents spending of just 91.14% of the allowed amount under the state’s expenditure limitation law.

Many at the Capitol continue to push for ways to increase spending beyond our ongoing revenue, use one time money for ongoing expenses, and underfund known obligations, but we are committed to holding against these bad budgeting practices.

I am pleased that this will be the fourth consecutive year the state will spend less than it collects.  This is in stark contrast to the years preceding House Republican leadership in the Iowa House.House Republicans continue to focus on everyday Iowans who simply want a good job, lower taxes and the prospect of a growing economy.

We are building a budget that does not forget small business owners who struggle to keep their doors open, and Iowa farmers who feed the world and drive our economy.  Government should remember folks in the middle, the parents who play by the rules and don’t ask for anything except a level playing field.  It is about hardworking Iowans who look at their checkbooks and worry about paying the bills, sending their kids to college and making ends meet.

Perhaps what is most encouraging is that despite divided government, we in Iowa can still make government work.  This is in stark contrast to the dysfunctional mess that is in Washington DC, where important decisions are routinely avoided, and our debt continues to skyrocket. 

There are always differences of opinion between legislators, and it’s not always Republican or Democrat.  Still, I believe that each of my colleagues is working to do what they believe is best for Iowa and the people they represent.  It is that level of respect that allows us to make progress here that seems impossible in Washington D.C.


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