Growing Iowa’s Workforce and Economy

Future Ready Iowa: We often hear that the shortage of skilled workers is the biggest barrier to growing Iowa’s economy. That’s why last session, the Legislature passed the Future Ready Iowa Act with the goal of skilling up Iowa’s workforce for the careers of the future. House Republicans know that this is important for the future growth of Iowa’s employers and our economy. To address the skills shortage this session, House Republicans funded a Last Dollar Scholarship program that will help Iowans attain skills in high-demand fields. We also funded career and technical education programs in high schools to provide students with on-the-job experiences. These actions will ensure that Iowa employers have the skilled workforce they need for the 21st century careers.

Occupational Licensing Review: One of the best ways we can unleash Iowa’s economic potential is removing overly burdensome barriers to employment for Iowa workers. Oftentimes, these requirements make it overly expensive to attain a fulfilling career, while at the same time limiting competition and serving no health or safety purpose. To address this issue, House Republicans passed legislation to study opportunities that streamline and eliminate unnecessary licensing requirements for workers while continuing to protect the health and safety of Iowans.

Ag Protection: Agriculture is the backbone of our economy and that makes Iowa a potential target for bioterrorism and corporate espionage. In order to protect against these attacks, the Legislature passed legislation which is narrowly tailored to protect Iowa agriculture from bioterrorism and corporate or foreign espionage. These types of threats have the potential to disrupt the nation’s food supply and crush our economy which makes the new law critical to Iowa’s future.

Preventing Democrat’s Job-Killing Government Takeover of Health Care: A legislative session shouldn’t just be remembered for good laws that were enacted, but also for bad bills that were stopped by the majority party. House Democrats’ half-baked “Medicaid For All” proposal is a prime example. Not only would this bill make private insurance illegal, killing thousands of Iowa jobs, it would force Iowans into a government-controlled health plan which takes away choice, rations care, and costs Iowans billions of dollars. This type of government-run health care scheme hasn’t worked in the most liberal of states and is bad news for Iowa. To pay for this $59 billion plan, it would likely cost the average Iowa family more than $46,000 annually.


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