Joint Budget Targets Released

This week, the House and Senate agreed to joint budget targets for the Fiscal Year 2015 budget.  While divided government is not easy, as Iowans, we are still able to come together and get our work done.

We still hold ourselves accountable. When we say that we are going to let Iowa taxpayers keep more of their money, we do it. When we commit to common sense budget principles, we follow them. We work hard to deliver on our promises.

Legislators and the governor have continued to provide the example of leadership that Iowans expect and that Washington, D.C. so desperately needs. This week, House Republicans and Senate Democrats have worked together to develop a budget that is balanced and sustainable.  We have proven that we can come together on big issues that benefit all Iowans.  We remain committed to resolving our differences to make sure we accomplish the important work we were sent here to do by Iowans.
The budget proposal for FY 15 is $6.9718 billion in overall spending.  Iowa's expenditure limitation law allows the Legislature to appropriate $7.6492 and with these targets, we are only spending 91 percent of that amount.

It is important to note that this spending level includes full funding for property tax credits, and fulfilling our promise to fully fund last year's historic property tax relief bill.

This budget maintains the commitments already made to Iowans and also brings fiscal responsibility to state government. 


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