Protecting Public Safety

School Safety: One of the biggest priorities this session was extending the school infrastructure tax, known as SAVE. This provides schools with significant resources to make building improvements and ensure safe, modern classrooms. House Republicans included a provision that prioritizes upgrades like secure entrances, security cameras, and other safety enhancements, before using SAVE funds on athletic facilities. House Republicans also passed legislation that protects students from known predators in our schools who move undetected from district to district by requiring administrators to report employee misconduct in a timely way.

Penalties for Companion Animal Abuse: Countless Iowans have read and seen the heartbreaking stories in the news about mistreatment of pets and animals across the state. House Republicans passed legislation earlier this session that protects pets and ensures that abusers are held accountable for their actions with stronger penalties for torture, neglect, and abuse. Oftentimes, people that hurt or torture animals go on to hurt other people. This legislation provides the opportunity to intervene with an individual who may do something worse down the road.

Safe Roads and Highways: Ensuring safety on Iowa’s roads has always been a priority for House Republicans. In previous sessions, the Legislature passed measures to crack down on drunk and distracted driving and hold individuals accountable for their actions. This session, the Legislature passed a bill that clarifies that a person convicted of three or more OWIs can be charged as a habitual offender and face stiffer penalties. Impaired driving is not only irresponsible, but it puts those who wish to travel safely on our roads and highways at risk.

Campus Safety: In recent years, the number of assaults on Iowa’s college campuses have increased steadily. This is a serious problem that requires serious solutions. Bipartisan legislation passed this session will provide students with more tools to protect themselves on campus by allowing the carrying of a stun gun on campus for self-defense. In a situation where seconds matter but law enforcement is minutes away, the use of this device could be the difference between life or death.


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