FRP roofing panels on constructions

FRP roofing panels are made of a composite material consisting of a fiber-reinforced polymeric matrix. Although carbon, basalt, cellulose, and asbestos fibers have been used, glass fibers are the most commonly used.

These offer an unmatched combination of strength and corrosion resistance while eliminating the need for maintenance, reducing costs, and improving working conditions. In addition, they are ideal for demanding and difficult situations, as they have higher reinforcement content, premium resin systems, and significant UV protection.

For example, resolite FRP products are UL and FM listed for use as exterior and interior building panels and come in a wide selection of industrial profiles. They also provide long-term architectural advantages due to their high corrosion resistance and strength.


  • Transparent or opaque panels.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • More durable.
  • Greater protection against UV rays.
  • Various profiles and colors.
  • FM and UL certifications.
  • Life cycle cost savings.
  • Last long without maintenance.


  • Cladding and roofing for industrial and commercial buildings.
  • Structural day lighting panels.
  • Insulated or monolayer systems.
  • Possibilities for walkable roofs.
  • In a cooling tower.